BSBL: Block Sparse Bayesian Learning

I developed fast implementations of the Block Sparse Bayesian Learning (BSBL, see Zhilin Zhang's Website) Framework, using the Fast Marginalized Likelihood Maximization method (see Fast marginal likelihood maximisation for sparse Beysian models).

BSBL-FM: A Fast Marginalized Implementation

see the github repository for more details : bsbl-fm @ github


The BSBL-FM is a fast implementation of the BSBL framework. It is based on BCS (Ji2008) and fastRVM (Tipping2003). The major contributions are the block extension and the exploiting of intra-block correlation. The BSBL-FM algorithm is extremely fast when the signal has block structure and low block sparsity level.



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  1. Matlab Version : The Matlab Implementation can be downloaded at: bsbl-fm @ github.

  2. C Version : The C version as well as the GPU Cuda Implementation will be available soon.

  3. Python Version : The Python implementations are available at: pyBSBL @ github.

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