New features in local copy :

MathJax Example

In this modified version of jemdoc, a LaTeX equation block can be typed in as

\[ \nabla \cdot \mathbf{D} = \rho_f\\ \nabla \cdot \mathbf{B} = 0,\\ \nabla \times \mathbf{E} = -\frac{\partial\mathbf{B}}{\partial t}\\ \nabla \times \mathbf{H} = \mathbf{J}_f - \frac{\partial\mathbf{D}}{\partial t}. \]

You can also align equations using LaTeX's aligned block:

\[ \begin{aligned} \nabla \cdot \mathbf{D} &= \rho_f\\ \nabla \cdot \mathbf{B} &= 0\\ \nabla \times \mathbf{E} &= -\frac{\partial\mathbf{B}}{\partial t}\\ \nabla \times \mathbf{H} &= \mathbf{J}_f - \frac{\partial\mathbf{D}}{\partial t}. \end{aligned} \]

To number the equation block, wrap the equations with LaTeX's equation block:

\[ \begin{equation} \begin{aligned} \nabla \cdot \mathbf{D} &= \rho_f\\ \nabla \cdot \mathbf{B} &= 0\\ \nabla \times \mathbf{E} &= -\frac{\partial\mathbf{B}}{\partial t}\\ \nabla \times \mathbf{H} &= \mathbf{J}_f - \frac{\partial\mathbf{D}}{\partial t}. \end{aligned} \end{equation} \]

Instead, you can use LaTeX's align (not aligned) block to number the individual equations:

\[ \begin{align} \nabla \cdot \mathbf{D} &= \rho_f\label{eq:D}\\ \nabla \cdot \mathbf{B} &= 0\label{eq:B}\\ \nabla \times \mathbf{E} &= -\frac{\partial\mathbf{B}}{\partial t}\label{eq:E}\\ \nabla \times \mathbf{H} &= \mathbf{J}_f - \frac{\partial\mathbf{D}}{\partial t}\label{eq:H} \end{align} \]

You can also type inline equations as \(A x = b\). Referencing equations is done as Eqs. \(\eqref{eq:E}\) and \(\eqref{eq:H}\).

Underscore Example

Like bold and italic, underscore can be used for emphasis in this modified version of jemdoc. Useful for highlighting different parts of a bibliography item as:

1. First Author, Second Author, and Corresponding Author, “Amazing Paper,” High-impact Journal, vol. 1, pp. 1–10 (2014).

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